"Mangum's is always available for any and all services we need; from towing and fixing inoperable equipment, repairing tires on site, and a variety of other things from small to very large. They are informative and prompt when assistance is required. We highly recomment them!!!!"

-Erica Z.  Cummins 


"When GSM came to Rocky Mount in 2007 we were looking for a shop that could repair Celadon trucks. Because our closest terminal was 120 miles away it was impractical for us to go there every time we needed maintenance.  After bids, we chose Mangum's.  


In the years since we have found them to be reasonably priced and they have provided us much-needed service from towing to repairs. They do it all in a reasonable amount of time. 


We have had requests to move to other shops but Mangum's has done nothing to make us want to look elsewhere. 


I recommend them for any trucker or trucking company, especially those passing on I-95."


-Tony Doughtie

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